Combination Crusher for Chipping and Milling
Combination Crusher for Chipping and Milling
Combination Crusher for Chipping and Milling
Combination Crusher for Chipping and Milling
Combination Crusher for Chipping and Milling

Combination Crusher for Chipping and Milling

  • BrandE.P Com bination crusher
  • ColorBlue and so on
  • OriginChina

Product Description

Wood logs crusher is also called wood crusher, knife disk crusher. It is a kind of highly efficient and ideal mechanical equipment for making wood powders, which can be used to process wood materials such as branches into wood powders in one time, to support wood briquette or pellet production line.

Wood Logs Crusher

Wood Logs Crusher


  1. Low noise, simple and compact structure, stable performance, low energy consumption, high output, good quality of finished wood powders and low processing cost.
  2. The wood crusher is equipped with alloy blades and hammers, high wear resistance, high output, low maintenance cost.
  3. It has rough pulverization, fine pulverization and centrifugation pulverization. The motor drives the pulverizer rotor to run at high speed, so that the high-speed airflow generated by the crusher produces high-strength impact force, compression force and cutting force for the raw materials, which achieves a unique pulverizing function.

Applicable raw materials

Applicable raw materials

Applicable raw materials

The wood crusher can process all kinds of wood, wood scraps, branches, wood chips, wood offcut, bark, bamboo and other biomass into powders (1-5mm).

The sawdust mill (log crusher) integrates slicing and crushing. which can cut branches and stems with a diameter of 1--35 cm.It can also be used for chipping bamboo, grass, corn stalk, sorghum stalk and other fibrous stalk materials, and can also be used for raw material production of particleboard and high density sawdust board.

Working principle

Working diagram

Wood crusher (wood log crusher) is composed of chipping device, crushing device and fan.

The wood crushing machine is multi-function of slicing and pulverizing. In the process of chipping and milling, the rotor generates high-speed air flow, which rotates with the direction of blade cutting, the materials accelerate in the airflow, and the airflow impacts the materials. The fine enough materials will be discharged from the crusher.

Technical parameters

Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Weight(kg) Packing size(m)
HSCP-E158 2.2 80~150 75/85 0.75*0.45*0.73
HSCP-E198 4 100~300 120/140 0.9*0.58*1.02
HSCP-E420 7.5 300~600 225/255 1.12*0.82*1.07
HSCP-E420 11 400~700 260/290 1.12*0.82*1.07
HSCP-E500 22 800~1000 600/630 1.24*0.97*1.06
HSCP-E630 30+7.5 1500~2000 1500/1600 1.6×1.5*1.6
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