Drum Type Wood Chipper

Drum Type Wood Chipper

  • BrandE.P Drum type wood chipper
  • ColorBlue and so on
  • OriginChina

Product Description

Drum wood chipper is a kind of mechanical equipment, which is used to prepare excellent wood chips. It can cut logs, small diameter wood into high-quality industrial wood chips with uniform length, smooth cut and uniform thickness. The main raw materials can be small diameter wood, wood logs, processing residues (such as branches, sheets, slabs, log cores, waste veneers, etc.) and can also be used to cut non-wood raw materials, such as sugarcane, reed, bamboo, etc.. It is widely used in paper making, density board, particleboard factory, fiberboard factory and wood chips production base.

Drum wood chipper

Drum wood chipper


According to the structure of working parts, there are two types of wood chippers. One is disc wood chipper, the other is drum wood chipper. The disc wood chipper with cutting knife mounted on the disc and the drum type wood chipper with cutting knife mounted on the cylinder drum.

The disc chipper is mainly used for cutting logs, and the quality of the chips is better. It is widely used in pulp and paper mills.

The drum chipper has wide adaptability to wood varieties and can be used for various wood materials such as wood plate. Due to its stable working performance, the drum chipper is mostly used in large wood production lines, such as biomass briquette production line biomass pellets production line.

Working principle

The wood is fed from the feed port. When the wood is contacted to the cutting blade, the cutting is followed by the high-speed rotation of the cutting blade. The cutting mechanism is a rotating drum with a plurality of knives, and when the knives rotates, the raw materials are processed into wood chips. There are a plurality of square through-holes on the outer edge of the drum. The cut pieces pass through the mesh holes and are discharged at the bottom. The large pieces will be cut again in the machine.

Structure Analysis

  • The drum wood chipper is composed of machine body, knife roll, upper and lower feeding mechanism, hydraulic system, feeding device and etc.
  • Machine body: It is welded with high-strength steel plate and is the supporting foundation of the whole machine.
  • Knife roll: Two or three or four knives are mounted on the knife roll, and the knives are fixed on the knife roll by a pressure block and special bolt.
  • Upper and lower feed port: It consists of feeding interface, upper and lower feeding rollers and feeding gap adjusting mechanism. Wood entering from feeding interface is pressed by upper and lower feeding rollers, and feeds to cutting mechanism at a certain speed to control the size of cutting wood chips. When processing thick wood, the feeding gap adjusting mechanism is used to adjust the size of cutting wood chips.

Applicable production line


  1. Advanced structure, high quality wood chips, wide adaptability of raw materials, easy operation and maintenance.
  2. The whole structure is welded by high strength steel plate, which is strong and durable.
  3. Widely used, it is the preferred equipment for biomass briquette production line and biomass pellet production line, etc.

Technical parameters

Model BX-315 BX-216 BX-316 BX-218 BX-318 BX-2113 BX-2116
Knife Roller Dia. ( mm ) 500 650 650 800 800 1300 1600
Knife Qty ( pcs ) 2 2 2 2 2 3 2*2
Input Opener ( mm ) 400*200 540*260 540*260 680*330 680*330 700*500 900*720
Input Dia. ( mm ) 150 210 210 280 280 400 500
Chips size ( mm ) 25~35 25~35 25~35 30~40 30~40 30~40 30~40
Power ( kw ) 45+8.9 45/55+9.2 45/55+11 110+12.5 110+14.7 220+17 350+24
Capacity( tons/hour ) 3~6 8~12 8~12 15~25 15~25 30~50 60~80
Over size ( m ) 2.6*1.8*1.4 2*2*1.25 3.1*2*1.5 2.4*2.18*1.5 3.5*2.18*1.8 5.12*2.8*2.4 6.6*2.9*3.4
Weight( kg ) 3380 4420 4680 7120 8320 15000 22000
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