Wheel mixer
Wheel mixer
Wheel mixer
Wheel mixer
Wheel mixer

Wheel mixer

  • BrandE.P Wheel mixer
  • ColorBlue and so on
  • OriginChina

Product Description

Wheel mixer is a combined equipment of rolling and mixing. It is widely used for mixing fine powder with additives and water, such as coal powder, charcoal powder, metal materials, mineral materials, etc.

The wheel mixer makes full use of the gravity of the roller to extrude and crush the material. The crushing parts mainly consist of rollers and grinding plates. When the equipment works, the material to be stirred is fed into the middle of the grinding plate and rolled under the centrifugal force. The outlet is humanized equipped with mechanical outlet and manual outlet, which can freely control the outlet speed and ensure the consistency of production.

Wheel mixer

Wheel mixer


  1. Good mixing effect & High production efficiency
  2. Remarkable energy saving effect
  3. Convenient installation and maintenance
  4. Good sealing performance & no environmental pollution
  5. Strong adaptability>

Scope of application

Mixing powder materials

Mixing powder materials

The wheel mixer is suitable for mixing powder materials, such as refractory mud, clay, fly ash, tailings sand, slag, moulding sand etc. It is widely used in non-fired bricks, autoclaved bricks, refractories, ceramics, building materials and other industries.

Working principle

When the wheel mixer is working, the material is fed into the middle part of the grinding plate, and rolled under the scraper's thrust or its own centrifugal force. After several times of rolling, the size of the required particles leaks from the sieve holes around the grinding plate, and the coarse particles return to the roller for heavy rolling. The wheel mixer is suitable for crushing materials below medium hardness, such as silica and clay, or for mixing materials.

Technical parameters

Model Power Diameter Capacity Weight Packing size
HSLN-700 4KW 0.7M 500KG/H 800KG Φ0.7*1.1M
HSLN-1600 7.5KW 1.6M 2000KG/H 1500KG Φ1.6*1.4M
HSLN-1800 15KW 1.8M 2500KG/H 2000KG Φ1.8*1.4M
HSLN-2000 15KW 2M 3000KG/H 2500KG Φ2*1.4M
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