Forming test for iron powder briquette

2018-02-27 14:30:00
Summary :E.P has advanced briquetting technology for iron powder mixture materials.

The Indian customer have a lot of waste raw material from his steel factory. For these raw material, its main content is iron powder. In order to recycle the waste powder, he let us use our roller briquette press machine to do the forming test for iron powder mixture briquettes.

Due to the material is too wet, before testing, we need to dry the raw material for supporting briquetting.

Since the iron powder is easy to be compressed. Thus, the mechanical pressure type roller briquette press machine is enough. During the process, binder is necessary. The following are the test details:

Raw material:

iron powder material

Roller briquette press machine:

iron powder briquette machine

Finished briquettes:

For the finished briquettes, we used two methods for drying. One is by dryer machine, another is by sun. After comparison, the finished briquettes dried by sun have high strength and good effect than dryer machine. So, for customer, the dryer is not needed, which can save cost.

finished iron briquettes

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