Hammer Crusher

Hammer Crusher

  • BrandE.P Hammer crusher
  • ColorBlue and so on
  • OriginChina

Product Description

The hammer mill is mainly used to pulverize the biomass materials into powders of 3-5 mm. The applicable materials are wood chips, branches, hulls, rice husks, corn straw, cotton stalks, soybean husks, wood sawdust, sunflower seed hulls, coconut hulls, palm olives and other materials with diameter less than 50 mm. Also the hammer mill can be used for charcoal, coconut shell carbon crushing.

Hammer crusher

Hammer crusher

Working principle

Hammer crusher(hammer mill) is one of the most widely-used crushing equipment. Its structure consists of three parts: feed port, crushing chamber (rotor, hammer, sieve, tooth plate) and the discharging part (fan, cyclone, dust collecting bag).When the crusher runs, the materials enter the crushing chamber from the feeding port, and collide with the tooth plate and the high-speed rotating hammers. Under the repeated impact collision and friction, the materials are gradually pulverized.

For the pulverizer without the fan, the air flow will force the crushed material out off the crushing machine. For the hammer mill with the fan, the crushed materials will be exhausted from the crusher and separated from air through collecting device(such as cyclone, and dust collecting bag etc.).

Applicable production line

Biomass/charcoal Briquette Production Line

Biomass Pellet Making Production Plant

Charcoal Briquette Production Line

Advantage of hammer mill

  1. Low investment and energy consumption;
  2. High working efficiency;
  3. Reasonably compact and durable construction;
  4. Special carbon tungsten alloy hammers, more durable and wear-resistant;
  5. No deviation of hammer weight, reliable performance;
  6. Dynamic balance test, no vibration.

Technical parameters

Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Weight(kg) Packing size (mm)
HSCP-E158 2.2 80~150 75/85 750x450x730
HSCP-E198 4 100~300 120/140 900x580x1020
HSCP-E420 7.5 400~700 260/290 1120x820x1070
HSCP-E500 22 800~1000 600/630 1240x970x1060
HSCP-E550 30 1000~1200 630/660 1300x970x1150
HSCP-E600 45 1200~1500 600/700 1660x1200x1700
HSCP-E630 30+7.5 1500~2000 1500/1600 1600x1500x1600
HSCP-E800 55+7.5 2000~3000 1800/1900 1800x1600x1700
HSCP-E1300 75+15 3000~5000 1950/2050 1900x1650x1800
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