Bamboo Charcoal Making Briquette Press Machine

2022-02-07 15:08:00
Summary :Briquette Making Machine is a professional equipment to convert all kinds of biomass materials into solid briquettes for burning, cooking, heating, etc

Bamboo charcoal has been recognized by people for its remarkable advantages, and its application as well as functions are also very wide. Therefore, for investors who have bamboo materials, making bamboo carbon is a good choice. Especially for those investors who can get cheap and abundant bamboo leftover materials. However, many of them are unfamiliar about the production process of the bamboo charcoal.


E.P Machinery is a professional supplier of bamboo charcoal briquette making machines. We have all type of bamboo material process machines that enable you recycle bamboo scraps for the production of bamboo charcoals. What’s more, it’s a kind of environmentally friendly waste resource reuse project, with small investment, quick results, and low risk.


When people refer to bamboo charcoal machines, they usually mean the extruder machine. It is the main machine to produce bamboo briquette charcoals but not the only machine. There are other machine to support the main machine:


1. Crushing machine. Bamboo must be crushed by a crusher for the sake of the next process of the produce of bamboo charcoals.

2. Drying machine. The pulverized bamboo chips need an air-flow drying equipment for drying treatment. But if you already got dry bamboo, this process can be skipped.

3. Briquette forming machine. The bamboo chips need to be pressed into briquettes, so that the carbonized bamboo charcoal will be in a formed shape.

4. Carbonization furnace: The pressed bamboo briquettes need to be carbonized by a carbonization kiln, and after carbonization, bamboo charcoal is well produced.


If you need to buy bamboo charcoal production equipment, please find E.P Machinery. E.P Machinery has rich industry experiences, we can send excellent technicians to install and commissioning on site, until you can produce products well and satisfied!

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