New Design of Hydraulic Shisha Charcoal Briquette Press

2023-02-22 11:16:00
Summary :E.P Machinery is an experienced and professional manufacturer of briquette making machines.

E.P Machinery had been in briquettes industry for over 12 years, which offers the complete service of briquetting solutions, including projects layout, proposal design, installation, etc. According to customers feedback, we had put much efforts and cost to update and improve our briquette press machines, in order to help customers use the briquette plant efficiently.


With regards to hydraulic cube shisha charcoal briquette machine, we had made some changes as below:

1- Feeding Device

In the market, most of the supplier use C Chanel Steel as tracks and weld 4 pieces of rollers to control feeding device to forward and reverse. But in this way, the rollers may leave the tracks, and it often cannot feed into charcoal into forming molds enough, which will result in final briquettes height could not reach requirements.

We use a special attachments to change the tracks and rollers, which had solved this problems completely.


2- Sleeves of Column

As we know there 4 sets of columns to support and guide upper forming molds to up and down. In the inner side of columns, there are a key parts called sleeves. And we made the sleeves in copper steel which could extend lifespan.


3- Lubrication System

We add a set of lubrication system to input lubrication oil into columns. And this system is automation and time setting. You could control lubrication oil volume and how much time you will add the oil when the cubic shisha charcoal briquette making machines working.


4- Cooling System of Hydraulic Units

To adding this cooling system for hydraulic station is to provide stable power for shisha charcoal machines working. Because we all know that if the temperature of hydraulic oil increases, the hydraulic units cannot offer much power to make shisha charcoal making machines working performance. So we add the cooling system to make sure hydraulic station could provide sufficient and continuous power to drive the cube shisha charcoal tablet press working.


In the above, these are our improvements on hydraulic shisha charcoal briquetting machines. Please contact our sales department, if you are interested in our shisha charcoal equipments, or our updates on shisha charcoal production line plant. 

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