The Factory Tour of Saudi Arabian Customers

2019-11-08 15:59:00
Summary :Saudi Arabian customer did a visit in our factory. They are satidfied with E.P briquette machines and hope to do a long-term cooperation with us in the future.

On November 7th, 2019, Saudi Arabian customers did a visit in our factory (E.P Machinery). Before this visiting, they have negotiated with our sales Vincent about many details of the SiMn briquette production line which they planned to purchase. The purpose of this factory tour is Saudi Arabian customers wanted to know our factory’s strength and to make sure we are a reliable company.

briquette machine

During the visiting time, our sales showed customers the whole production line. What’s more, they also introduced every machine in the production line to Saudi Arabian customers orderly and in detail. After that, our customers confirmed that we were a professional team and our company had the ability to manufacture high-quality equipment for them.

The Saudi Arabian customers planned to use SiMn powder, Manganese ore fines and SiMn metal fines as material. They also mentioned that those material were very dry. Considering this, during the mixing process, some water should be added into the material. After being mixed evenly, the material will be conveyed to the briquette machine. And the last step is to dry the finished metal briquettes. To make it clear, all the procedures include: batching material→mixing material→shaping material→drying finished metal briquettes.

roller press

Saudi Arabian customers wanted to buy a metal briquette production line whose capacity is about 25 tons per hour. Out of this reason, the roller press in the production line should be large-sized. What’s more, in order to make sure the working flow will go smoothly, a buffer hopper should be installed before the mixing machine.

After the visit, the Saudi Arabian customers expressed their satisfactions to our SiMn powder roller press and our sales’professional interpretation about the briquette production line. And they hoped to keep a long-term relationship of cooperation with our company in the future.

SiMn powder roller press

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