Will raw materials affect the charcoal briquette quality?

2021-10-11 11:28:00
Summary :This text is to introduce factors which will affected final charcoal making qualtiy

Investors buy machines to produce charcoal briquettes is for making profit. But some users find that the quality of the charcoal produced is not good, and they think it is because of the quality of the charcoal machine and they decide not update their machine any more. But actually, it may be because of the quality of raw materials.


Can the raw materials affect the quality of charcoal briquettes? Hard charcoal raw materials: hard charcoal is mainly made from Fagaceae and Ulmaceae trees. Due to the different species of trees, it can be divided into: Wugang hard charcoal (raw material: Quercus glabra) and Cyclobalanopsis hard charcoal (raw material: Cyclobalanopsis glauca), hard charcoal (raw materials: oak, zelkova and other untimber forests).


Black charcoal raw materials: mainly soft broad-leaved firewood. Due to the different tree species, it can be divided into: expensive tea ceremony charcoal, branch charcoal, bamboo charcoal and other cheap civilian black charcoal. Tea ceremony charcoal and branch charcoal are mainly produced in areas with abundant forest resources. Oak wood is used as the raw material, and the firing process and selection are very particular. Some other civilian black carbon is mainly produced by using elm, section, and willow as raw materials. It is easy to fire at a low price and is popularized.


Activated carbon: it is processed by charcoal through activating, rinsing, drying, and crushing chemical substances such as zinc chloride, phosphoric acid, potassium sulfide, and dolomite. The production process causes serious water pollution and the country generally restricts production.


Machine-made charcoal briquettes: Using sawdust as the raw material, the process is mainly to carbonize the sawdust to the carbonization furnace after being briquetted by the machine at high temperature and high pressure. There is no need to add any additives during the production process, which belongs to the category of environmentally friendly products. On the market, there are mainly two shapes with a hole in the center of a hexagon shape and a hole in the center of a square shape. As a substitute for traditional charcoal, machine-made charcoal briquettes have many advantages such as long burning time, high calorific value, no smoking, no explosion, and environmental protection.

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