How to make smokeless barbecue charcoal?

2021-06-11 14:22:00
Summary :How to use a charcoal briquette machine to make smokless bbq charcoal briquettes

First, mix the charcoal powder and the binder well according to a certain ratio, and add a certain amount of water, and then stirred by a charcoal mixer to make the moisture of the material reach about 15%;


Next, put the mixed material into the a charcoal briquette machine (including rotary hookah tablet charcoal press machine, hydraulic cube hookah charcoal press machine, charcoal briquette extruder, roller charcoal briquette machine), and make various shapes of charcoal tablets and briquettes, such as hexagon, quadrangle, round, cubic shapes, etc. The briquette shape is mainly depend on the mold of the briquette machine, and the mold can be customized.


The charcoal briquette extruder is suitable for process charcoal fine milled by small wood charcoals, because big wood charcoal can be used directly and no need to crush and press again. Small wood charcoals generally from small wood of wood processing plants. To some certain, it’s belong to make good use of waste materials.


Finally, the processed barbecue charcoal rods should be dried by placing them under the sun or by a heat pump dryer. After drying, the charcoal briquette turned into finished charcoal products, which can be directly placed on the grill for ignition and heating! 

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