Can tree leaves and straw be used to make charcoal briquette?

2021-03-19 16:06:00
Summary :How to Convert Biomass Materials into Solid Briquettes for Firewood

Many biomass materials can be pressed and re-used to make charcoal briquettes. Some customers even ask our sales: can I use tree leaves and straw to make charcoal briquette? While the answer is NO.


The reason is very simple. As a burning material, the burning value of leaves is too low to be the main material for making charcoal. As long as you think about it carefully, you can know the burning time of the leaves that it takes only a few seconds to extinguish the leaves. How can such a low burning value and such a low calorific value be used to make charcoal?


The lowest-grade raw material for making charcoal is straw. But even if it is straw, I will not recommend you to use it, unless you add some sawdust or wood materials to make the charcoal briquettes. Even so, the quality of the charcoal produced will not be too good, but it can barely reach the lowest standard in the current market, so that it is worth the investment and can have a profit return.


So here, I want to say to all the investors that many combustible materials, including leaves, straw, cow dung and even newspapers, cannot be used to make charcoal. The reasons for this are the low combustion value and the problem that the material cannot be formed, etc.


Before investing in a charcoal plant, please carefully investigate, consider and prepare in advance. Compare the cost and profitability of local charcoal production. If you are sure to start, you must also prepare the raw materials, space, labor, power and other conditions almost before purchasing equipment. I wish all investors success in their careers!

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