Is earth kiln better or carbonization furnace better?

2021-11-22 14:30:00
Summary :How to use a machine or equipment to make biomass charcoal

Which method is the better way to produce charcoal? This is a problem that many customers in charcoal industry have to face, because not only the quality of charcoal, but also the investment cost and the output of charcoal should be considered, and the technical requirements must also be considered. After careful investigation, we must make the most suitable choice, not to mention the newcomers who have just entered the charcoal industry. Even some old charcoal factories are struggling when updating carbonization equipment.


The current earth kilns are basically made of refractory bricks and refractory cement. Earth kiln is a kind of traditional method that has been used for thousands of years, although the technology requirement is high, but it has been a kind of proven and mature technique. But the defects of the earth kiln are also very obvious, the main problem is environmental protection issues. Another shortcoming of earth kilns is the capacity problem. Because earth kilns have a slow heating and cooling efficiency, it generally takes six or seven days to produce charcoal from each kiln, so the capacity will be small. But if you have the conditions to build earthen kilns, you can build a few more kilns to make up for the capacity problem. The last problem is the technical problem. Due to the long carbonization time of earth kilns, it is extremely important to consider the technical operation. If you operate the earth furnace well, every batch of charcoal will be high-quality charcoals, but if you operate it improperly, the charcoals maybe will break into small sizes or burn into ashes. So if you decide to use earth kilns to produce charcoal, you must pay more attention to technical issues.


Unlike the earth kiln, the capacity of carbonization furnace is bigger, and a batch of charcoal can be finished in less than ten hours. But the quality maybe not as good as earth kiln. While the good side is that the technology requirements of carbonization furnace to the operator is low. There is a furnace temperature gauge that displays the temperature from time to time, which makes it easy to control the temperature. And the carbonization furnace has a device to purify the flue gas, which is environmental friendly.


However, there are currently several different types of carbonization furnaces, some of which are good and some not good, depending on the manufacturing technique and materials. If you have enough money to investment, I recommend you choose the carbonization furnace. The investment cost maybe high at the beginning, but the capacity is big and quality is not bad, and environmental friendly.

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