How to choose a machine or equipment to make shisha charcoal briquettes?

2021-11-25 23:27:00
Summary :Shisha Charcoal Briquette Machine is widely used in making charcoal briquettes for hookah smoking

E.P Machinery had been into charcoal making machines industry for over 10 years. We had met many customers who asked what types of machine to make good shisha charcoal briquettes. Now based on our rich experience and feedback from customers, E.P Machinery will share some ideas that how to make shisha charcoal briquettes.


First, we all know that shisha charcoal briquette is a normal commodity in Supermarket, Retail Shops, etc. It must have a good appearance both on packages and briquettes itself. Currently, there are 3 popular types of machines in the markets,

1-Hydraulic Pressure Charcoal Briquette Press

2-Charcoal Extruder Press Machine

3-Rotary Type Charcoal Tablet Press


Following, E.P Machinery will introduce these 3 machines differences.

Hydraulic Pressure Charcoal Briquette Press is mainly used to make cube shisha charcoal briquettes, and the dimension is 25x25x25mm (Customized Acceptable). These final cube shisha charcoal briquettes have a higher density, and has uniformed beautiful appearance. This machine could also make round shape shisha charcoal briquettes.


Charcoal Extruder Press Machine is mainly to produce BBQ charcoal briquettes, now it could also make cube shisha charcoal briquettes by exchanging discharge mould. In this way, the charcoal extruder will produce square charcoal sticks, next it requires one additional device to cut the square charcoal sticks into small pieces in 25x25x25mm. Using this machine to make cube shisha charcoal briquettes will take more labor cost, so please consider about production cost if you use this machine to make cube shisha charcoal briquettes. One more important, these cube briquettes appearance is not beautiful like hydraulic briquette press made, which will affect briquettes quality, or even sales price.


Rotary Type Charcoal Tablet Press is widely applied to manufacture round shape shisha charcoal tablets with quick light feature. With regards to quick light feature, it needs special formula to mix with charcoal powder (if you need the formula, please contact E.P Machinery). And final tablets could be made stamp or logo on it, like Capital Letter A, Star, or small hole in the middle of tablets, etc. But the final tablets density is Not higher than that made by Hydraulic Briquette Press.


In general, to choose a right shisha charcoal briquette machine is mainly based on your local customers requirements, like density, final briquettes shapes, appearance, etc. Warmly welcome to contact E.P Machinery for further information or communication.

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