Iron powder briquette machine for sale

2020-10-20 15:05:00
Summary :The application range of iron powder briquette machines is very wide.

The application range of iron powder briquette machines is very wide. Usually, we use iron roller press machines to process high-hardness materials including iron powder, aluminum shavings, oxidized iron bark, bauxite, kaolin, alumina, limestone, coking coal, aluminum powder, gypsum, tailings, sludge and other powders, scrap, etc.

Advantages of iron powder briquette machine:

1.  E.P iron powder roller press machines are customizable;

2. Our roller press is multi-function equipment. With it, you can briquette a lot of different powdery materials;

3. The main parts of our iron powder briquette machine are made of durable and wear-resistant alloy steel, so the equipment has a long service;

4. Highly efficient;

5. Energy-saving.

The iron powder briquette machine of E.P Machinery is manufactured according to a strict standard. By now, we have exported our equipment to many countries in the world, such as Australia, Ireland, Thailand, Saudi Arab, Russia, Canada and so on. Thus, E.P staff has enough experience to provide solutions for you to establish a briquette production line.

Iron powder briquette machine

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عالی بود من اگر بخوام راه اندازی کنم چکار باید انجام بدم لطفا راهنمایی بفرمائید سپاسگزارم
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