Factors that influence quality of charcoal briquettes

2020-10-21 17:18:00
Summary :According to our experience, there are three factors that do influence the quality of the finished charcoal briquettes.

Nowadays, people have realized that environment protection is very important for human beings. Thus, more and more investors who tend to join the charcoal business are willing to purchase high-efficiency and eco-friendly charcoal briquette making machines. As a kind of renewable energy, charcoal fuel has become more and more popular in recent years. Investing charcoal business can help the investors gain much profit, as long as you can provide high-quality charcoal briquettes to the market. What factors can influence charcoal briquettes’ quality? 

charcoal briquettes

According to our experience, there are three factors that do influence the quality of the finished charcoal briquettes. In the following content, E.P will introduce you the three factors one by one.

First of all, the quality has something to do with types of the raw materials. On principle, we suggest you use all kinds of wood dust, bamboo dust, coconut shells as raw materials. With these materials, you can make good charcoal briquettes whose calorific value is up to 7500kal/kg. Meanwhile, such charcoal briquettes’ ash content is pretty low, about 4%, which is good.

  In the second place, it’s about the moisture content of the raw material. Generally, it requests that the moisture content of the wood dust should be among 12%-18% to be formed into biomass briquettes. For wet material, drying machines would help to reduce water content.

Thirdly, it’s related to the different carbonizing methods.

1) Self-build kiln carbonizing method: In this method, it takes 5 to 7 days to carbonize the biomass briquettes. Besides, a lot of smoke is generated during the carbonizing process.

2) Batch-type carbonation furnace: It is energy-saving equipment. The gases generated in the carbonizing chamber will be purified and then be used as fuel to heat the carbonation stove, so this carbonizing method is eco-friendlier and efficient.

In order to make superior charcoal briquettes, E.P suggests you should use a batch-type carbonation furnace.

Batch-type carbonation furnace

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