Application of mineral powder

Mineral powder

As we know, during the mining process, some fine mineral powder will generate. It’s difficult to make use of powdery mineral material directly. What’s more, such fine mineral powder pollutes environment. Therefore, to turn the mineral powder into briquettes which is convenient to use is a good choice. In addition, it’s also an eco-friendly measures.

There are a lot of waste mineral powder that can be used to make briquettes, including fluorite powder, hematite powder, magnetite powder, sulphur iron powder, iron powder, manganese powder and so on.

Different mineral powders have different physical properties. Therefore, to briquette different materials, we need use corresponding roller press machines.
Hydraulic roller briquette machine: Fluorite powder, hematite powder, magnetite powder, sulphur iron powder
Mechanical roller briquette machine: Iron powder
High pressure roller briquette machine: Manganese powder

Make briquettes from mineral powder

Mineral powder briquettes Basically, to make briquettes, the mineral powder material need go through three processes. Firstly, the raw material and binders will be mixed evenly. Then a roller press machine will form the mixed material into briquettes. Finally, the finished mineral briquettes should be dried by a hot-air drying machine.

P.S: If you use high pressure roller briquette machine to make mineral briquettes, it is not necessary to add any binders in the raw material.