How to make briquette from quicklime dust?

2020-06-24 10:58:00
Summary :Generally, the high-pressure roller briquette making machine are often used to shape quicklime dust.

During the process of transporting and handling lime material, a huge amount of lime powder will be generated. If we can make use of waste lime powder, that will save quicklime resource and reduce dust contamination. What’s more, to recycle and reuse waste quicklime dust can help you earn more profit. So, what kind of equipment is able to recycle quicklime dust?

high-pressure roller briquette machine

The most frequent way to process quicklime dust is to use a briquette machine. Generally, the briquette machine that can be used to shape quicklime dust is the high-pressure roller briquette making machine. This kind of briquette forming machine is equipped with a screw-type feeding device, which is installed on the feeding port of the briquette making machine. The reason why we choose high-pressure roller briquette making machine is the force between the rollers of the machine is strong enough to briquette fine quicklime dust under the condition of not adding any binding agents in the material. 

quicklime briquettes

The quicklime briquettes made by E.P high-pressure briquette making machines are widely used in metallurgy industry. During the smelting process, quicklime briquettes are often used as slagging agent.

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