Operation notice on automatic charcoal briquette machines

2019-12-26 15:55:00
Summary :Security issues are always the most important matter that all people should focus on during the production of charcoal briquette machines.

No matter what kind of products you are going to make, security issues are always the most important matter that all people should focus on. It is the same when you are using a charcoal briquette machine or a charcoal briquette production line to make charcoal briquettes.  

Thus, what we should notice while we are operating a charcoal briquette making machine? In the following content, there are five tips on safety production for you to refer. 

charcoal briquette machine

Firstly, if there is any garbage produced during the production of charcoal briquette making machine, the workers are required to clean the garbage in time and to keep the workshop clean in order to avoid some unnecessary troubles.

Secondly, in order to ensure that the charcoal briquetting machine can run safely and steadily, the operator should keep an eye on the machine. If there is something abnormal with the charcoal equipment, the operators should stop the machine immediately. After checking and repairing the charcoal briquette machine, then you are allowed to start the equipment again. 

charcoal briquetting equipment

In the third place, to guarantee the production efficiency, you should do an overhaul at a fixed period. During the maintaining process, you should be very careful and inspect all the components of the charcoal briquette machine. Especially, you should take an eye on the lubricating system. If it is lace of lubricating oil, you should add oil in the device according to the actual situation.

Fourthly, for the new charcoal equipment you purchased from a reliable manufacturer, you should let the machine run without any load. If the machine runs normally, then you can do the second step, which is adding some raw material into the machine and to observe the running condition of the charcoal machine. If both the two steps are okay, then the charcoal briquette making machine is allowed to be put into production.  charcoal briquette making machines

Last but not the least, the operators of the charcoal briquette making equipment should be trained before they start to use the machine. In addition, the workers should operate the charcoal briquette machine strictly according to the operation manual.

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