Patent product Ⅰ: roller-type crusher

2020-09-04 15:31:00
Summary :Now, E.P roller crushing machines are widely used in hookah charcoal briquette production lines.

    What kind of crushing machine are you using in the production of charcoal briquettes? I think many answers from you would be hammer crushers. Of course, hammer crushers can be used in a charcoal briquette making line, but today, I will introduce a better and more suitable crushing machine to you. It is the roller type crusher. Roller-type crushers are specially-designed machine for pulverizing charcoal into fine powder. It is also known as dustless charcoal crusher, widely used in shisha charcoal production line. For your information, it is a patent product of E.P Machinery.

roller-type crusher

    Compared with hammer crushers, E.P patented roller-type crushers have a lot of advantages. In the following content, I’ll list some of them.

    First of all, let’s focus on the most attractive aspect: reducing air pollution. When a roller-type crushing machine works, it won’t cause air pollution. The rotating speed of the rollers is not very fast, but force between the rollers are very large. Thus, the charcoal could be crushed thoroughly in the machine and almost no charcoal dust will float out of the chamber of the roller crusher.

    Secondly, unlike hammer crushers, roller-type crushing machines only make little noise when working.

    Thirdly, E.P dustless crushers are energy-saving and highly-efficient equipment. To process some amount of charcoal, a roller crushing machine consumes less energy than a hammer mill.

    Finally, it is more convenient to operate a roller type crusher.

    Now, E.P roller crushing machines are widely used in hookah charcoal briquette production lines. Another important thing is that the crushing machine is equipped with a dust collector, which can collect the dust from crushing process that will not cause dust pollution. After crushing, the raw material is less than 5mm, which is suitable for making charcoal briquettes.

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