Requirements of raw materials for making charcoal briquettes

2019-12-17 16:54:00
Summary :One cannot make charcoal briquettes without raw material.There are a lot about the raw material you should notice

There is an old saying: One cannot make bricks without straw. In charcoal business, we can change this sentence into one cannot make charcoal briquettes without raw material.Raw material is thebasicguaranteefor making charcoal products. Generally, there are two aspects that make you invest in the charcoal business successfully. The two aspects are high-quality charcoal making equipment andguidance from the experienced business of charcoal industry. E.P Machinery can supply the good equipment to you. In addition,because of years of cooperation with charcoal manufacturers, we also knowsome important knowledge in making charcoal products. So, what arethe specific requirements for theraw material that is used for making charcoal?

waste construction wood for making charcoal

Firstly, you should notice the sorts of the raw material. It is not true that any kind of agricultural waste can be used to make charcoal. In general, we like to choose some materials that contain a lot of lignin, such as branches, bark, sawdust, shavings, wood scraps, peanut shells, bushes

and waste construction wood.On the contrary, the materials such as leaves, crop stalks and straws whose ash content is high are not suitable to make charcoal briquettes.

branches and barks

Secondly, where you can get the material is also very important. On principle, taking your factory as center, the source of raw material should be within a 50-km radius. What’s more, you should also take transportation expenses into consideration.  

Thirdly, pay attention to the proportion of the raw material and the finished charcoal. Basically, if you want to make 1 ton charcoal briquettes, you will need about 3 tons raw material. Therefore, the supply quantity of raw material must be abundant, and the supply of raw material should be continuous. In a word, to make sure your business runs smoothly, you should find a reliable raw material supplier.

wood shavings and wood dust

Fourthly, the price of the raw material has something to do with the cost of making charcoal briquettes. In order to earn enough profit, it is better for you to find suitable, cheap and fine raw material.          

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