Biomass Briquette Machine

Biomass Production Line

Biomass Production Line

Biomass charcoal

Flat appearance high density

The finished forming briquettes/pellets are one kind of clean fuel that which have high density and high calorific value . When biomass charcoal is fully burned, it is smokeless, tasteless, and non-polluting; It is an internationally recognized green environmentally friendly fuel.

Applicable Raw Materials

Biomass Moulding Fuel ("BMF" or Biomass Briquette) is based on agricultural and forestry residues,such as branches, straw, corn stalks,high masts ,coffee shells and other agricultural waste and livestock manure can be converted into a variety of shapes ( such as massive,granular) Biomass environmentally friendly fuel.

Applicable Raw Materials

Biomass Charcal Production Line Workflow

Converting biomass agricultural materials into biomass fuel briquettes is a systematic work. The whole production process includes: Crushing — Drying — Briquetting — Carbonizing — Packing.

Biomass Charcal Production Line Workflow

Crushing Machine Selection Plan

According to the different sizes of biomass raw materials, the crushing process has different machine options. Two types of Crushing Machine can be available for users’ option. Users can choose the proper one based on production situation.

Biomass Briquette Machine Selection Plan

The different ingredients raw materials, the choice of dryer is also different.We have two types of dryers, hot air dryer and rotary drum dryer, to apply different raw materials.

Why choose us

  • Adopt digital screen in the electric controlling panel, be more easier to operate.
  • CE certificate will guarantee the reliable quality and safety.
  • New designed cover of the machine to prevent the dust dropping down into the machine and protect workers.
  • A lot of project cases in charcoal briquette line can be consulted all over the world.

Project Flow

We have professional sales, production, installation, after-sales and other technical teams, and provide customers with comprehensive services.

Before sales

Technical team will make the specific proposal for each user based on the raw materials, budget, occupied factory space, finished charcoal marketing, etc.

In sales

Introduce all details for each model to make the user know our product in specific.

Before sales

Our engineering team will be sent to users’ place for guiding installation, training workers, commissioning and debugging work to ensure users can start the production as soon as possible.