All Charcoal Briquettes Could be as Shisha Use?

2022-04-11 10:58:00
Summary :E.P Machinery has rich experience in briquetting machines. As a professional manufacgturer, we E.P not only provide machines manufacture, but also provide a complete solutions of briquetting press.

E.P Machinery is an professional and experienced manufacturer of briquetting machines. Comparing with machines manufacturing, we also prefer to provide One-stop Turnkey Line of Briquetting Solutions. E.P machinery had been in shisha charcoal briquettes since 1992. When you send inquiry to us, please tell us 2 important things- your raw materials and final shisha briquettes shape. Then we could use our experience knowledge to help you start this business.


Let me ask you a question All Charcoal briquettes could be as shisha use, maybe most will answer No. But I dont think most people know detailed reasons of No. We will discuss details as below:

1- Raw materials

In theory, all biomass materials after carbonized could be as raw materials to make shisha briquettes. But the most popular shisha charcoal briquettes are made of coconut shell charcoal. And the second option is fruit wood charcoal, like apple wood charcoal, olive wood charcoal, palm date wood charcoal, etc.

For a new comer in shisha charcoal briquettes field, you could make a research in your local markets to know more information of raw materials.


2- Shisha charcoal briquettes machines

In the markets, there are many types of machine to choose. Based on our experience and customers feedback, there are 3 types of machines could make charcoal briquettes for shisha use, one is hydraulic type shisha charcoal briquette press (Mostly to make cube shapes)

Second is rotary type shisha charcoal tablet press (normally for round shape with quick light)

Third one is charcoal extruder press (should added a special cutter to make cube shapes or small hexagonal shapes)

Lets analysis these machines one by one:

Hydraulic press machine is mainly to make cube shapes with beautiful appearance.

Rotary press is normally to make round shapes, biscuits or donuts with quick light feature (quick light means it will light soon when you use a lighter to fire)

Charcoal extruder is to equip with a special cutter to make cube or small hexagonal shapes with not very good appearance, the price will be a bit cheaper than the briquettes made by hydraulic press.


Maybe there is someone to introduce you a cheap machine like mechanical punch type briquette machine, this machine is eliminated equipment for shisha use. Additional, some customers require roll briquette press machine to make shisha charcoal briquettes, this machine is widely used in mineral powder briquetting, or ironing industries.


3- Shapes of Shisha charcoal briquettes 

Mostly, in the market, there are 2 shapes are popular, one is cube, and the other one is round shape(biscuits or donuts). Cube shapes have a higher density, which could burn for long time for shisha smoking, and for the round shapes, it could be light quickly when you use a lighter to fire.


Generally, we sincerely hope this article could help people who are new comer in shisha briquette manufacture to know more. Please be free to contact E.P Machinery if you have any ideas in shisha charcoal briquette manufacture. Or you could leave messages on website to exchange your thinking. 

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