Multi-function Roll Type Coal Briquette Making Machine

2022-06-17 14:44:00
Summary :Multi-function Roll Type Briquette Making Machines are widely applicable to multi-function industries, like energy fields, mining industry, ironing industry, recycling areas. In addition, the final briquettes could be made into differen shapes in different dimensions.

Briquette Roll Press is a series of professional equipment to converting all kinds of powdered materials into solid briquettes. The briquette machine has the multi-functions, now we talk this from final usages to explain its multi-function, some will use this machine to make briquettes for save transportation cost, some use final briquettes for ironing, some use the machine to get clean and smokeless coal briquettes for heating, etc.


Here from applicable materials, we will introduce you something of briquette machines, for example, it could widely used in energy fields, like coal, charcoal, anthracite, brown coal, coke, carbon black, etc. And in mineral industry, it is also very popular, such as iron ores, copper, aluminum, lithium, manganese and other mineral powders.


Last, it could make many various shapes of final briquettes in different dimensions. Definitely, we warmly accept briquettes customization. 


We had been in briquettes industry for about 10 years, which helped us accumulated a wealth of experience and customization. Warmly welcome to contact us for more technical discussions. 

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