How to Make High Quality shisha Hookah Charcoal

2024-05-28 11:14:00
Summary :1. What is hookah charcoal(shisha charcoal)? 2. What factors affect the quality of hookah charcoal(shisha charcoal)? 2.1 Raw materials for hookah charcoal(shisha charcoal) 2.2 Production process of hookah charcoal(shisha charcoal) 2.3 Storage methods of hookah charcoal(shisha charcoal) 3. What equipment is used to make hookah charcoal(shisha charcoal)? 4. What are the shapes of hookah charcoal(shisha charcoal)?

If you want to start a hookah charcoal business, do you know all this?

What is shisha hookah shisha charcoal?

Hookah charcoal(shisha charcoal), also known as fire charcoal and hot charcoal, is used to light hookah in many areas.

Hookah charcoal is a special type of charcoal that burns at a suitable temperature and for a long time. It does not produce a lot of smoke and harmful gases like ordinary charcoal, so it is particularly suitable for lighting hookahs. Items that play an important role in smoking tools commonly found in the Middle East, especially in Arab countries. It is made of a variety of different materials, such as coconut shells, peach cores, etc., and is formed after high-temperature carboniza

What factors affect the quality of hookah shisha charcoal?

The quality of hookah charcoal is mainly affected by the following factors.

1. Raw materials for hookah shisha charcoal.

High-quality shisha charcoal is usually made of hard wood, such as olive wood, peach wood, etc. When these woods burn, they produce even heat and rich smoke, which can provide a good smoking experience. Inferior shisha charcoal often uses soft wood. When burned, not only the heat distribution is uneven, but the smoke is also lighter, which affects the smoking effect.

2. Production process of shisha hookah charcoal

Good shisha charcoal will be baked and smoked for a long time during the production process, which can make the texture of the charcoal harder and burn longer. At the same time, this process also allows the charcoal to better absorb the aroma of the wood, making the smoke more fragrant.

3. The storage method of shisha hookah charcoal will also affect the quality of hookah charcoal.

High-quality shisha charcoal will be stored away from direct sunlight and moisture to prevent the charcoal from getting damp or over-drying, which will affect its burning effect.

The quality of hookah charcoal is closely related to factors such as raw materials, production technology, and storage methods. Only by selecting high-quality raw materials, strictly controlling the production process, and storing them rationally can high-quality hookah charcoal be produced.

Raw materials for shisha hookah charcoal

What equipment is used to make shisha hookah charcoal?

1. Charcoal kiln: This is the most basic equipment, used to pyrolyze wood at high temperature in an oxygen-free environment to make charcoal. The design and size of the charcoal kiln can be adjusted according to the production scale.

2. Crusher: Used to crush large pieces of charcoal into fine particles suitable for making hookah charcoal. The selection of the crusher is mainly based on the production capacity and the hardness of the charcoal.

3. Mixer: used to mix the screened charcoal and other additives (such as tobacco flavors) evenly.

4. Charcoal Briquette Machine: Used to compress the mixed charcoal powder into shisha charcoal of a certain shape and size.

5. Dryer: used to dry the produced hookah charcoal to ensure stable quality.

6. Packaging machine: used to package the finished hookah charcoal for transportation and sales.

The above are the main equipment for making hookah charcoal. Each equipment has its own unique function and is indispensable. In actual production, these equipment also need to be reasonably configured and used according to specific circumstances to ensure the quality of hookah charcoal.

What equipment is used to make hookah charcoal?
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What are the shapes of shisha hookah charcoal?

Hookah charcoal is an integral part of the hookah experience and comes in a variety of shapes to suit different hookah devices and user preferences. Common hookah charcoal shapes are as follows:

1. Flake charcoal: It is the most popular type. Due to its even burning characteristics, it can provide continuous and stable heat, making the smoke softer. In addition, flake charcoal works well in various hookah devices due to its easy placement and handling.

2. Square charcoal: They are often used in places where longer smoking is required because it can provide longer burning time. However, it should be noted that this type of charcoal may affect the taste due to uneven burning.

3. Special shaped charcoal: This is charcoal designed for specific models of hookahs, such as cone or star charcoal. This special charcoal not only fits the furnace of the corresponding device perfectly, but also optimizes the flow of smoke according to the characteristics of the device.

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