Natural Coal briquette production Line in Brazil(10 tons/h )

2011-10-11 16:00:00
Summary :The customer wanted to build one new production line to make coal briquettes. After the samples were tested and approved, then this Brazilian enterprise signed the contract with our company.

Project information

Project name:

Coal Briquette Production Line


Brazil, South America.


Industrial Use & Power Plant.


Natural Coal.


10 tons/h.


Crusher, Mixer, Coal briquette machine, Chain Plate Dryer , Conveyors, PLC Panel.

Project Description

The customer's company is a power plant. Due to the aging of the previous coal briquette production line equipment, the planning is unreasonable, the quality and output of the finished coal briquettes are not up to the current requirements, and the existing coal briquette production line needs to be re-planned. They have strict requirements on the hardness and moisture of the coal briquettes. We have made a suitable plan according to the customer's needs and actual conditions. After testing and approval, the Brazilian company signed a contract with our company.

Coal briquette machine Coal briquette machine

Double Shafts Mixer Double Shafts Mixer

Compound Crusher Compound Crusher

Chain Plate Dryer Chain Plate Dryer

Coal Briquette Production Line Coal Briquette Production Line

Project Configuration

The whole line consists of hopper, Compound Crusher, chain plate dryer, Double Shafts Mixer, coal briquette machine, Chain Plate Dryer, PLC Panel and several conveyors.


  1. Compact structure low electricity consumption, high capacity.
  2. Adopt the advanced transmission system, the roller press runs stably.
  3. Installed with hydraulic system to increase the compressing pressure, it ensures the high pressure for the dust materials.
  4. Adopt the high quality alloy steel rollers to expand the service time.
  5. CNC center processes the rollers to ensure the accuracy.
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