E.P New Design Mixer in Shisha Charcoal Briquette Plant

2022-09-26 16:31:00
Summary :E.P had designed and developped a new mixer machine for Shisha charcoal briquette plant. It will increase mixed materials density before briquetting, in order to get a higher density and strength final shisha charcoal briquettes.

In previous, we had introduced E.P improvements in shisha charcoal briquette plant of crushing, automatic weighing system. After auto weighing system, the scaled charcoal powder and binder will be conveyed into next process-Mixing Section.

From the words, we know the mixing part is to mixing charcoal powder, binder and water together and evenly. Here we may add cold water to mixing, but as you know the binder will provide its maximum cohesive function if we use hot water. Now we E.P Team had already designed a new mixer to achieve mixing and maximum binder function.


I will introduce you several advantages of our new mixer machine as follow:

1-Mixing Function

This is a basic function for a mixer machine, which will mix weighed charcoal powder, binder powder and water together.


2-Increase Mixed Materials Density

We had a special device to increase mixed materials density after mixing chamber with high pressure.


3-Heat System

In our new mixer machine, the biggest advantage is the heating system. During mixing section, it will provide heat, like steam, to the mixing to maximum binders cohesive function.


4-Grinding Section

In this part, it is used to grinder mixed materials after density increasing. Even if the mixed materials crushed again, its density had been already increased by the special device.


5-PLC Control System

This PLC control system has 2 functions, one is to input water which is related to weight of charcoal powder and binder. And the other function is to discharge well-mixed materials automatically.


Here are some advantages of mixer machine, for more videos and pictures, please contact our sales department for more information. 

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