This 220-model coal powder briquetting machine can make 25 pieces of coal cakes per minutes. Ssme inquiry, plz contact.
We used the fluorite powder as material and did a running test of our briquetting machine. The running test is very succ...
E.P engineers and sales provided high-class service and coal briquetting equipment for the Afghan customer.
An Croatian customer purchased a wood pellet production line from us for making wood pellets.
The Malaysian client bought a charcoal briquette extruder with an automatic cutter from E.P Machinery.
The requirement of our Kenya clients was they wanted to buy one complete coal briquette production line which could be u...
The owner of the project is one of the largest factories that produce anthracitic coal briquettes in China. Our factory ...
The aim of this project is to covert lime dust into high-density lime briquettes. Compared with lime dust, it is more co...
The pre-pressing briquette machine, double-shaft mixer, coal briquette machine with hydraulic pump system, vertical-type...
The customer wanted to build one new production line to make coal briquettes. After the samples were tested and approved...
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