Batch-type carbonation furnace

2020-03-26 10:38:00
Summary :E.P new batch-type carbonation furnaces are mainly used to carbonize hardwood, wood logs and wood chunks.

E.P new batch-type carbonation furnaces are mainly used to carbonize hardwood, wood logs and wood chunks. Generally, a hoisting carbonation furnace consists of the furnace stack, the furnace cover, the burning chamber and the wood container with a matching cover. In addition, some hangers are welded on the wood container and the covers, which will make the loading process convenient. The eco-friendly batch-type carbonation furnace can work continuously, and a furnace stack usually is equipped with several wood containers, which greatly improved the working efficiency of the batch-type carbonation furnace. What’s more, a purifying device is also needed as a auxiliary device for the carbonation furnace.

raw material and charcoal wood


1.Short carbonizing time, high efficiency and large output;

2.Smokeless and dustless, the batch-type carbonation furnace is eco-friendly equipment;

3.It is easy to operate the machine, so the vertical-type carbonation furnace is time-saving and labor-saving;

4.The finished charcoal products are of high quality. And its carbonation rate is up to 100%.

charcoal hardwood

Compared with the old-version batch-type carbonation furnaces, the new-type carbonation furnace is more efficient. In other words, it takes less time to carbonize material in the batch-type carbonation furnace. The purifying device helps to recycle flammable gases generated in the container. After being purified, the flammable gases will be used as fuel for heating the burning chamber. Through the whole carbonizing process, there is nearly no contaminants discharged into air.

E.P Machinery has batch-type carbonation furnaces of different models for you to choose. Besides, if you need customized equipment, we can also provide customization service according to your requirements.

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