What factors affect the use of roller press machines?

2020-04-16 17:05:00
Summary :The roller briquette press is a professional equipment to compress coal, charcoal briquettes. How to fully use the roller press? Get some advice in this article.

When using a briquette roller press machine, if the operator didn’t operate the roller in the right way, the forming efficiency will be influenced. When such problems occur, we can solve them through adjust the roller pressing machine.

The nature of different raw materials can affect the working efficiency of the roller briquette press machine. For example, the moisture of raw material is one of the key factors that are important for making high-quality briquette products. In general, the suitable humidity of the raw material for briquette roller press machine to make briquettes is between 8% and 12%. Thus, when you are operating a roller press, you should use suitable materials.

Anyway, it is particularly important to control the moisture of the raw material that are used to make briquettes. If the raw material is too wet, the failure rate of making briquettes will be high. To solve this problem, you can add some dry powdery binders to neutralize it. However, if the raw material is too dry, you need some liquid binders to neutralize. I’ll mention it again here: the suitable moisture of mixed raw material is among 8~12%. 

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