High-pressure roller press in steel-making industry

2020-06-10 16:15:00
Summary :High-pressure briquette making machines play an important role in steel-making industry.

During the process of steel production, there will be a lot of steel slag generated. Steel slag is not the kind of useless material. According to the research, steel slag riches in various recyclable components including iron, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide and so on. In steel-making industry, tons of steel slag are generated every day. If the steel slag can’t be processed in time, it will pollute environment. Therefore, how to employ some equipment to deal with the steel slag is an urgent need.

High-pressure roller briquette machines are invented to recycle steel slag. Through a high-pressure roller press machine, steel slag will be turned into briquettes which could be reused in the smelting furnace. This is quite a good way to recycle steel slag. In China, many steel-making enterprises have started to use roller press machines to briquette steel slag and reuse it.  One move, two gains. In this way, environment got protected and the profit of the enterprises got improved.

High-pressure roller press machines are widely used in metallurgy industry. Apart from processing steel slag, it can also be used to briquette lime powder, fluorspar, iron oxide powder, dusting ash and so on. All in all, high-pressure briquette making machines play an important role in steel-making industry.

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