What is the material of rollers of the briquette machines?

2020-06-18 16:55:00
Summary :The rollers of E.P briquette machines are made of durable and high-quality 9Cr2Mo material.

  In general, the rollers of briquette machines must be made of forged material. Dry powder roller briquette making machines are used to make high-density briquettes through roll-to-roll pressing method. When a roller briquette machine is working, the force between the rollers is very strong. Therefore, we need use durable and hard alloy material to manufacture the rollers. Forged 9Cr2Mo is the suitable material. 

roller briquette machines

  However, some briquette making machines in the market are equipped with rollers that are made of 65Mn or chromium alloy material. Truly, abrasion resistance of these two materials is pretty good. But, their pressure resistance ability can not meet the standard. Thus, such briquette making machines, whose rollers are made of 65Mn or chromium alloy material, are not the high-class equipment. If you want to purchase roller briquette making machines, you must figure out the material of the rollers.

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   In addition, capacity of the briquette making machine has something to do with the size of the finished briquettes. The bigger the finished briquettes are, the higher the capacity of the machine will be. Because of that, when you are choosing a roller briquette making machine, you’d better tell the manufacturer your requirements on the rollers clearly in order to get the suitable dry powder briquette making machine.


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