Six Items Teach You How To Distinguish The Quality Of Hookah Charcoal

2019-07-26 16:19:00
Summary :The quality of the hookah charcoal is determined by three aspects: raw material, formulation, and the pressing process of the hookah charcoal briquetting machine.

Arabic hookah charcoal is used to heat Arabic hookah tobacco. The quality of Arabian hookah charcoal directly affects the feeling of smoking, so will should pay special attention when choosing hookah is can't distinguish the quality from the appearance. So how should we distinguish? Let me introduce:

shisha charcoal briquettes


The shisha charcoal must be hard enough, otherwise the thermal intensity is not enough will disintegration when burned, that is to say, in the burning process of the hookah charcoal, the charcoal must be blocky without breaking, and The mechanical strength of charcoal sheets can be verified by the following tests:

  • Throwing the hookah charcoal on the concrete floor without breaking;
  • Collision with two hookah charcoal, no cracking and no slag;
  • Crushing the shisha charcoal by hand, it is not easy to crush or not break into powder.

2. Density

Good Arab hookah charcoal has a high density of charcoal. Generally speaking, the specific gravity of good hookah charcoal exceeds 1.3, which can also be detected by a little experiment: Take a cup filled with water, then put the shisha charcoal into it. If the hookah charcoal sinks into the bottom, it means that the specific gravity is greater than 1. It is a qualified hookah charcoal;After the hookah charcoal enters the water, it can remain intact for a long time. If it dissolves into rock slurry after a short time after entering the water, the charcoal sheet is of poor quality.

3. Ignition time

The hookah charcoal is different from the barbecue charcoal, and it can be quickly ignited. The general customer requests to be ignited within 7-10 minutes. In actual operation, it is generally required to ignite within 5 minutes. Otherwise,Customer ready to smoke, As a result, The pieces of charcoal not ignite, is it not very angry.

4. Burning time

One of the most important indicators of hookah charcoal is the burning time. If the burning time is too short, during the smoking process will be replaced the charcoal , which will affect the taste of the charcoal. Therefore, customers will demand the burning time of the hookah charcoal, for example, The round pieces can burn for more than 60 minutes, and the cube-sized hookah can burn for at least 90 minutes.

5. Combustion characteristics of shisha

Good shisha charcoal have high requirement to calorific value and burning time, it must be satisfied with the following burning characters:
Temperature and Flame stability : 40-45minutes.
Hardness : charcoal can't broken easily;
Surface temperature : About 320 C(680 F);
Central temperature : 350 C (662 F);
Other : No Objectional Odor; Smokeless ;No charcoal powder in the surface; Red flame.

6. Ash properties

In general, the clients of purchasing pumping smoke charcoal hope charcoal ash can be white. But in fact, the color of ash wood is related to its raw materials. If soil contain calcium, the color of ash is white. While, if potassium is rich in soil, the color will become brownness. And the additive of shisha charcoal, such as: deliming agent (lime), it can change charcoal ash's color. But no matter what color of ash after burning, it has little influence in the quality of shisha charcoal, just jas different senses.

The quality of the hookah charcoal is determined by three aspects: raw material, formulation, and the pressing process of the hookah charcoal briquetting machine. Only by perfecting all the factors can produce high quality shisha charcoal.

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