Why is E.P smokeless carbonation furnace called Eco-friendly equipment?

2019-11-21 15:04:00
Summary :E.P smokeless carbonation furnaces are eco-friendly and energy-saving equipment in charcoal briquette production lines.

Smokeless carbonation furnaces are important equipment in the charcoal briquette production lines. Carbonation’s quality will influence the quality of the finished charcoal briquettes. Smokeless carbonation furnaces are the eco-friendly and energy-saving equipment. During the carbonizing process, the generated smoke and gas will be recycled and re-used, and they will not be released in the air.

 rotary carbonation furnace

Generally, there are two types of smokeless carbonation furnaces. They are hoisting carbonation furnaces and rotary carbonation furnaces. The rotary carbonation furnaces can be divided into single-layer rotary carbonizing furnaces and three-layer rotary carbonizing furnaces. No matter what kind of carbonation furnace you plan to use, you need equip purifying equipment for it.

hoisting carbonation furnace

E.P carbonation furnaces are energy-saving equipment. At the beginning, the woody material is placed in the sealed furnace. Then you should light the fuel that is at the bottom of the furnace. At this time, the woody material will decompose under the high-temperature and oxygen-free environment. Next, the generated gases will enter the purifying equipment. After the process of the purifying equipment, the gases will become clean and flammable gases, which will be the fuel for the carbonation furnaces. To be more specific, a virtuous circle will be formed.


Purified gases heating the furnace-new complex gases generated in the furnace-purifying the complex gases-purified gases heating the furnace

hoisting carbonation furnace

It is important to win reputation from customers. E.P Machinery always aims to help our customers earn more profit with our equipment. The smokeless carbonation furnaces of our company are hot-sale equipment in the worldwide market.

smokeless carbonation furnaces

With the rising labor costs, using the automatic equipment is the basic method to reduce the enterprise cost. Our carbonation furnaces are automatic and labor-saving equipment. You can use rotary carbonation furnaces to process powdery and pellet material such as rice husk, saw dust, wood dust, crushed wood shells, coffee shells, palm shell, pecan shell, bamboo chips, crushed coconut shell, straw, hemp stem, bark...In addition, you can use hoisting carbonation furnaces to process woody lumps.

E.P smokeless carbonation furnaces are eco-friendly and energy-saving equipment. If you have any interest in this equipment, please contact us at any time.

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