Application of coal powder & coke powder & charcoal powder

Coal powder & Coke powder & Charcoal powder

In order to use and store coal powder, coke powder and charcoal powder conveniently, we usually use briquette press machines to make them into ball briquettes. Coal briquettes are often used for smelting and heating. Coke briquettes play the role of reducing agent and heating agent in metallurgical industry. Charcoal briquettes can be used as BBQ charcoal. For your reference, you can also use charcoal briquette extruder to make rod-shape BBQ charcoal.

Make ball briquettes

Coal briquettes We can use a same production line to turn coal powder or coke powder or charcoal powder into ball briquettes. The working flow goes as follows: Mixing(double shafts mixer)briquetting(briquette press machine)drying the finished ball briquettes(drying machine)packing(automatic packing machine)

Tip 1: To make high-quality ball briquettes, the moisture content of the powder material should be among 8-15%.

Tip 2: Binding agents need to be added in the mixing process. In addition, if you want to use several different powder material to make ball briquettes, some batching hoppers should be equipped before the mixing machine.