High pressure hydraulic type briquette machine for aluminum slag (hydraulic type briquette machine)

2019-07-22 10:38:00
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Summary :The hydraulic type briquette machine was designed for one of our customers from Iran, it is used for shaping aluminum slag into briquettes.

Project information



Raw material:

Aluminum slag, with size 3-10mm.

Briquette shape:

Spherical shape, with diameter 50mm.



The whole process of the line

Based on the customer's specific raw material and other requirements, we designed the hydraulic type briquette machine which has high pressure. This hydraulic type briquette machine has high quality and better performance, here are the main characteristics as following.
Uzbekistan Biomass Briquette Production Line


This briquette production line has high quality and better performance, here are the main characteristics as following.
  1. High pressure. Aluminum slag is hard, compared with coal/charcoal. It is not easy to press the aluminum slag into briquettes. Therefore, the briquette machine must possess high pressure. In other words, hydraulic pressure is essential.
  2. High-quality rollers. The roller is one of the most important parts of briquette machine, especially for aluminum slag, the roller will be more easy to wear. Therefore, the roller must be made from high-quality raw materials, such as Manganese alloy, Chromium-Molybdenum alloy, etc.
  3. Besides the roller is made from high-quality raw materials, it also must be heat treated. After heat treatment, the characteristics of roller will be evidently improved, including its hardness, toughness and abrasive resistance.
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