6 Common Problems In The Operation Of Biomass Briquette Machine

2019-08-01 16:00:00
Summary :6 common problems and solutions in the production process of biomass briquette machine: 1. biomass briquette machine make an explosive sound; 2. Insufficient hardness; 3. Cracks on the surface of the charcoal; 4. charcoal bar bending; 5. raw materials blockage; 6. Inadequate supply of raw materials.

Biomass briquette machine is also called charcoal briquette machine. According to the different raw materials, it can be divided into sawdust make briquette machine,rice husk briquette machine, wood dust making machine, branch making briquette machine and so on. Biomass briquette machine is very important in the production process of the biomass production line In other words,it is impossible to make a high-density semi-finished charcoal without this biomass briquette equipment. Its position is indispensable in a complete charcoal production line. So what problems will occur in the production of customers who use the biomass briquette machine for the first time? How to solve the problem? Here are the list of 6 common problems and solutions for you:

1. Biomass briquette machine make an explosive sound

Biomass briquette machine makes an explosive sound when working, in this case, may be the temperature is not suitable or moisture of the raw material is too large. This solution is to continue drying the raw materials to ensure proper humidity and temperature, another case is biomass briquette machine hardware problems; Such as thruster wear is severe, the propeller's helix is too big or too small, vent clogging, serious sleeve wear and etc, change or adjust machine parts in time when problems arise.

2. Insufficient hardness

There is light on the cross section of the charcoal rod, the density is good but the hardness is not enough; this is caused by the steepness and angle of the propeller, the thruster should be polished a little more smoothly.

3. Cracks on the surface of the charcoal

Too much water content of the raw material is easy to cause transverse cracks on the charcoal rod, too little water content in raw materials will cause longitudinal cracks. In addition, if the heating temperature is too high, the raw material may be excessively softened, thereby causing raw material insufficient supply,which may also cause cracks.

4. Charcoal bar bending

The reason for the bending of charcoal rod is mainly cased by too high moisture content of the raw materials.This problem can be solved by reducing the moisture content of the raw materials. All the raw materials to be used are dried by a dryer, and then after dried raw materials are processed making charcoal, and the charcoal rods will not bend.

5. Raw materials blockage

The raw material is doped with hard particles and large impurities, the voltage or heating temperature is too low, the raw materials are not enough dry, these 3 all situations may cause raw materials blockage. In the former case, biomass briquette machine needs to be shut down and disassembled to remove impurities; the latter situations should continue to warm and soften the raw materials, or drying again, and control the water content in the raw materials to about 6%-12%.

6. Inadequate supply of raw materials

Generally speaking, the solution to the short supply of raw materials is to increase the diameter of the spiral or polishing the inner wall of the spiral and increase the distance between the spirals. The center of the charcoal rod density is small, or it contains bits of sawdust; this is because the wear of the root diameter of the propeller shaft, should repair welding and thickened, misalignment of the shaft tip also can cause the above problems, it just needs to be corrected at high temperatures.

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